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The Art of Being Breast Aware

Art2009A Beginner’s Guide to Breast Health and Self Breast Checks- 1st Edition &
It is Everyone’s Business to Be Breast Aware – 2nd Edition

This book is an essential guide for those starting out, finding difficulty doing self breast examination or are terrified of even touching their breasts for fear of finding a cancer! As fear of cancer does not make the disease go away, the author, Dr Evelyn Ho approaches this in a positive manner. This handy book in English, Malay or Mandarin is your first step towards understanding your breasts.

The 2nd Edition of the Art of Being Breast Aware was published in October 2009. There are some updates as well as a new chapter to clear the confusion over lump, lumps and lumpiness as a texture.

The 2nd Edition is now available for download – click here!

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