Breast Facts

People can do something about Breast Cancer!

  • Recognise this cancer exists
  • Recognise that it is common in women and can occur in men
  • Accept the fact
  • Make a decision
  • Do something, be proactive
  • Early detection is the key and the key is in your hands!

Be Breast AWARE!

Early detection saves lives! We all can help ourselves armed with knowledge and self-breast awareness techniques. We advocate a TEAM approach in the battle against breast cancer. Team members consist of the patient and the general practitioner or breast clinic doctor, surgeon, plastic surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, clinical oncologist, nurse, counsellors, support groups and rehabilitation therapist. Emotional, psychological, physical and other forms of support are crucial, so surround yourself with loved ones and lifelong friends. In addition, there may be breast cancer support groups near where you live or on the internet and social media. These are useful resources as there is nothing like talking to someone who has gone through the treatment and learnt to live with breast cancer.

The facts provided here are those which have withstood the test of time. Experimental and new research is not included to reduce confusion.

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