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Breast Cancer and The Nutrition Connection

By Mageswary Lapchmanan, Dietitian, Hospital Kuala Lumpur This was presented at the Launch of the 2001 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The information continues to remain relevant as it is based on fundamental principles of nutrition. Introduction Breast cancer has become an equal opportunity disease, striking rich and poor, young and old. Nutrition is one of the … Continue reading »

About Breast Imaging

To have or not to have a Screening Mammogram? The Screening Debate…

Updated July 2014 For males, there is no controversy for screening as the incidence of cancer is very low and does not warrant screening mammograms. Mammograms, when recommended by their doctor would be based on symptoms and signs in the breast, especially if there is suspicion of cancer. The screening debate revolves mainly around women … Continue reading »

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How are Diagnostic Mammograms different from Screening Mammograms?

The difference between diagnostic and screening mammography needs to be recognised by patients and their referring doctors, since symptomatic or high-risk women require significantly different investigations from the asymptomatic routine screened patient. There is no specific time for mammography when there is a clinical indication (patient has symptoms and signs such as lumps, skin thickening, … Continue reading »

About Breast Imaging

How often do I need to have a mammogram or ultrasound or both?

Regardless of age, some of you undergoing mammograms regularly may also need ultrasound as an adjunct to the mammogram to follow up some abnormalities, which are unlikely to be breast cancer but require monitoring. However, the frequency you may need to undergo examinations will depend on many factors. What applies to the screening population (that … Continue reading »