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2004 News Archive Snippets

Written or compiled and edited by Dr Evelyn Ho

Program Nur: Reach To Recovery 2004-2005 -A Training Workshop For Volunteer Breast Cancer Survivors in Malaysia – 9 to 13 Dec 2004

A 5 day workshop covering basic communication skills, the breasts (from normal anatomy and physiology to cancer detection techniques and treatment), legislation on women’s rights in Malaysia, setting up services and provision of psychosocial support, impact on society as well as administrative procedures and management was held in Kuala Lumpur from 9 to 13 December 2004. Participants from all over Malaysia were given the “tools” needed to be more effective in their volunteer services to others with breast cancer – especially those newly diagnosed with the disease. Whilst having the right attitude and inner compassion to want to make a difference for those coming to terms with the disease are prerequisites for being a volunteer in a “Reach To Recovery” programme, training to impart the necessary skills to ensure the right kind of support is given is crucial to a successful support service.

The 2004 College of Radiology Mammogram Programme Report

Out of the 425 participants in the 2004 mammogram programme, two were detected to have breast cancer. Mdm Ang would not have known about her cancer if she had not heard of the programme

Students Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at HELP University College – 17 Nov 2004

It’s the extended lunch hour from 12 noon to 2pm in HELP University College and the PR department in collaboration with the DR101 and EN102 classes were busy preparing for the launch of the breast cancer awareness campaign. This was in conjunction with an activity co-organised with the College of Radiology. This was to incorporate breast cancer into the drama productions and also conduct a poetry contest.

Art of Being Breast Aware Workshop goes to JB – 31 Oct 2004

The Art of Being Breast Aware team went down to Johor Bahru to conduct 2 workshops in an event organized by the Breast Cancer Support Group, Johor Bahru.

Care for Your Bosom Buddies Public Forum – 3 Oct 2004

A public forum with a panel of speakers comprising a radiologist, surgeon, clinical oncologists and a young breast cancer survivor hopefully creates awareness and corrects misconceptions about and surrounding breast cancer!

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – 2 Oct 2004

YB Dato’ Donald Lim Siang Chai, Deputy Minister of Information flagged off a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk from Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar. The event began early in the morning with a jazzercise to warm up the participants. This walk was organised to raise awareness for breast cancer.

X-Factor, Pink Panther, Diamond & Busty Get Breast Aware – 2 Sep 2004

Azizah shared how in the old days our grandmothers would say it was improper to touch your own breasts! Participants were enlightened on how important it was to be breast aware in yet another interactive workshop.

Twenty-four enthusiastic ladies in 4 “workgroups” participated in an interactive workshop on how to be breast aware. Some were breast cancer survivors; others were those interested to learn how to do proper self breast examination while another was motivated to learn about her breasts after having been told that there were small “lumps” in her breasts on ultrasound. Groups X-factor, Pink Panther, Diamond and Busty “battled” to find answers to challenges posed to them during the workshop. To encourage active participation, there were exercises, “competitions” and of course prizes. Hands on sessions on teaching breast models, and actual exercise on how to observe for changes in the breasts as well as how to feel the breasts were conducted. The workshop was one in a series for the public for 2004. It was conducted by Dr Evelyn Ho with assistants Barbara Tan, Tay Jiat Hwa, Lynn Leong and Marion from the Breast Cancer Welfare Association while Francis Lee was in charge of technical aspects and photography. Venue and tea were sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Medical Malaysia.

The OPN Poll Results – 3 July 2004

Click here to read about the MBCC’s Opinion Poll results as well as the public feedback on this event.

OutRageously PINK Nite – 11 June 2004

Click here for our full report on the OPN in Bangsar!

Topless Contest with a Twist – 11 June 2004

Bangsar Baru goes topless for a good cause! Click here for our full report.

History made with youngest participant in a Breast Health Awareness Workshop – 19 June 2004

The 2nd public workshop of 2004 was held on the 19 June 2004 at Johnson & Johnson Medical, Wisma Zuellig, Petaling Jaya. History was created when one of the participants in the workshop was a 15 year old. Starting people young would be best so that they would have inculcated the habits of good breast health as they mature. Hopefully with adequate and appropriate knowledge, the fear and anxiety that may be associated with self breast examination and breast conditions will be eliminated. The 15 ladies of various ages included one breast cancer survivor of 3 years. As usual, there was fun and laughter in addition to hands on sessions. Time just flew and it was 6.30pm before dismissal from the workshop. Special thanks to Irene Chan, Francis Lee and Johnson & Johnson Medical for enabling this workshop.

Taking time out from IT to keep abreast of breast health, Microsoft Malaysia – 20 May 2004

Twenty-one Microsoft employees took time out from the world of Information Technology to keep abreast of breast health. The Art of Being Breast Aware team was made up of Dr Evelyn Ho, dedicated counselor, breast cancer survivor Margaret Gooi as well as Francis Lee, for technical support and photography. A practical, interactive session ensued.

The session was tailored more for a “young” audience, less than 40 years of age and only 1 brave participant was male. However, Abdul Rahman Haniffa was sporting as he volunteered as the model for the demonstration of self breast examination (SBE) in the “feel” aspect of SBE.

Bringing Breast Health and Cancer Awareness to “Ladies in Touch” – 7 March 2004

On the evening of 7th March 2004, 70 ladies attended a motivational talk on breast health and cancer awareness. This talk was organized by the Ladies in Touch committee of Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. The ladies were taught about the uniqueness of everyone’s breast, why their breasts felt the way they did, and in essence, how to be aware of their own breasts. They were then taken on a tour of how to perform a proper self breast check, without creating anxiety and yet, gaining confidence in time. Some facts on breast cancer, an understanding of what was meant by risks as well as the multi-prong approach to maintaining breast health were covered as well.

Art of Being Breast Aware Workshop – 6 March 2004

21 ladies converged in Johnson & Johnson Medical, Wisma Zuellig, Section 13, Petaling Jaya for an afternoon of learning how to be breast aware.  This 4 hour long workshop is one in a series that began in 2002 and will continue for 2004. The participants of this workshop were from all walks of life but united by their quest to understand their breasts better, thus equipping themselves with the techniques for confident self breast examination. Assisting the trainer, Dr Evelyn Ho were volunteers from the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). Lily, Barbara, Tammy and Margaret after having attended Dr Ho’s training sessions in 2002 are active members of the BCWA.

First National Breast Cancer Support Conference 9-11 Jan 2004

What a successful conference this was, attended by over 200 participants made up of breast cancer survivors, allied healthcare workers (such as doctors and nurses) as well as volunteer. This is indeed a great way to start the year for many as they sat through lectures related to supporting, managing and even treating and diagnosing breast cancer and its complications. The psychosocial aspects, cultural sensitivities, advocacy issues and fund raising project management were addressed. In addition, there were “active” round table discussions on insurance and insurability of someone with breast cancer, career women with breast cancer (Why stop working?), SOCSO claims, self management in the golden years, all sessions of which were well attended. In fact, in the closing session on Sunday 11 Jan 2004, there were still many in the audience at 4.30pm. Obviously, the participants enjoyed this conference and as overheard, they had learnt a lot from it.  Syabas to the organizers, the Breast Cancer Welfare Association based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

BCAC 2004 :The BCAC kicks off with a National Level Trainers’ Art of Being Breast Aware workshop at Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 9 Jan 2004.

What a kick start for 2004! The first breast health workshop of the year was held at Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the 9 Jan 2004. Participants came from all over Malaysia and included representatives from the Johor Bahru Breast Cancer Support Group.

This was organized in collaboration with the National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO) Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and supported by Johnson & Johnson. The aim was to train selected volunteers and healthcare workers and medical staff to train others to do a systematic self-breast examination and how to understand their breasts. Dr Evelyn Ho of the College of Radiology conducted the workshop and was assisted by Mrs June Yeoh (NCWO), Rosa Ho (J & J), Lily Lee and Wong Ah Foong (Breast Cancer Welfare Association)

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